Shooting for the stars Establish one stop solution for Planetary Health Cell Breaker AI System


Essential challenges

Challenging to solve the serious problems facing our planet

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Our Technology

“Cell Breaker AI System Platform

Cell Breaker is the technology allows us to be able to use up
 all components of plant raw materials which can be converted into several products.

Cell Breaker

Through the action of establishment of our one stop solution for circular economy,
We are trying to keep to contribute to solve the problems, protein crisis,
Co2 reduction, food loss and so on.

Cell Breaker

Contributions to solve Protein Crisis with Cell Breaker AI System

The plant proteins from various plants
that have not been used effectively can be
used in practical way to solve protein crisis

Protein Content Percentage

Contributions for CO2 Reduction and Food Loss with Cell Breaker AI System

Co2 reduction with converting wasted
material, ex used green tea leaf, into enrich protein powder
originated from green tea leaf.

Co2 reduction

Special Project

“Shooting for the stars for Planetary Health”

From the earth to the moon, establish our circular eco system.

Special Project

Collaboration with
Shizuoka University, Faculty of Agriculture, Plant Functional Physiology (Ichie G)


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